In the history of retail, the customer experience has always changed forms and expectations, but not its importance, which was and remains central and crucial. Moreover, technology has changed it and will continue to change it in such a way as to make the delays increasingly costly, the recovery a compelling need, and the anticipation of new purchasing behaviours the most important competitive differentiator.

Iconic Solution – the brand which includes and characterizes the various Retex solutions – originates from this premise and makes it natural the digitalization of stores through advanced and easy-to-use applications in order to effectively perform all executive or analytical functions with any type of technological equipment. Retex supports the entire point-of-sale management cycle in achieving measurable improvements over time and in quality.

With Iconic Solution My Trade we cover and develop all the typical front-end operations of the medium and large-scale distribution in the most common ways of interaction with the customer, either traditional or touchless (checkout, kiosks, self-scanning, self-checkout, mobile app, payments). Conversely, with Iconic Solution – TLPoswin we respond to the operational demand of stores and supermarkets which need to manage the typical back office activities of the point-of-sale. Adaptable to any customized needs, from small shops to large chains, it allows to easily perform the daily administrative and management tasks, from the control of supplies to electronic invoicing and the creation of price lists and promotions.

The ongoing evolution to a world of omnichannel retailing means that the most important competitive value is the ability to create innovative solutions. These must make it possible to maintain over time the best possible relationship with the customer so as to increase his loyalty to the brand and obtain wider consensus on its sales policies and increased frequentation of the stores, physical and otherwise

Technology is the means to achieve them, and Iconic is its timely demonstration.

Consumer expectations have always been recognized in the immediate availability of the product, in the direct purchase experience, in the relationship with the sales staff. The digital evolution of the world market, especially after the health emergency, highlights the consumers’ propensity to e-commerce, but viewing it as an alternative to conventional distribution could lead to disastrous consequences. Indeed, it is easy to see the strategic orientation towards territoriality of large online retailers. According to some leading real estate developers, the American market is expected to open in the next five years just under a thousand stores of digital native brands in the territory.

Both conceptually and technically, the Iconic platform finds its origins precisely in overcoming any artificial separation between the different forms of commerce. Iconic Solution capitalizes on the application experience gained by Retex wherever there is a customer pushing the shopping cart, but finds new equally effective expressions where the smartphone plays a central role.

This is particularly evident in the case of Iconic Solution Food and beverage, where digital innovation stands out in the simplification of the service and consumer satisfaction. The possibility of ordering and paying directly at the table, thanks to the integration with the checkout systems, is just an example. Iconic Solution means speed and security, even when the customer prefers home delivery, made directly by the restaurant or through the most popular food delivery platforms.