Branding is not a new concept. It has been around for as long as goods, sellers and buyers have existed but, today, within much wider limits than have been previously imagined, it has become a global concept that can be applied to every aspect of the communication between the company and its target.

In order to better respond to market changes and demands, and to best fulfil the functions of branding, digital technology must be ideally set at a precise point located between opposite dimensions: the universality of the web and the individual. And that’s precisely where Iconic Media & Communication finds its origins.

For retail in all its forms, the strategic goal is to improve the consumer’s shopping experience, where communication plays a complementary and essential role in the entire purchase cycle, in all sales channels, and in the relationship with existing and potential customers in the most personalized way possible. This allows to acquire, in the short- and long-term, the desired brand recognition and generate awareness which, in turn, generates interest in the purchase of the product or service and ensures its repetitiveness.

Who are my clients, and what are they like? Who should they be? Which are my competitors? What is my potential market? Is my offer well positioned? How can I reach my target, increase sales and build customer loyalty?

These are some of the typical questions that Iconic Media & Communication answers.

Over the years, technological developments combined with the growing commercial practices on the internet have not only defined the characteristics of online advertising, but also new business contexts and new players. The increase in digital spending, driven by the health emergency, suggests that the value of online advertising should reach one trillion dollars by 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 22%.

Geo-localized campaigns are conceived after careful analysis of the most appropriate keywords related to what the customer is shopping for and the search volumes in the territory of ​​interest. In the Google search platform it is possible, through the careful and studied selection of keywords in line with the offer, to position your site in the first search results.

High-quality, personalized graphics content, images and videos to present on the site and in any digital and physical external space to accompany well-designed text communication, are decisive to have a strong and lasting visual impact on the target audience. This is an area that strongly characterizes the prerogatives and advantages of Iconic Media & Communication.

Communication on social media (like Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network) grows in proportion to the importance of such media in the digital ecosystem, supports customer engagement, aims to retain the potential customers present on their respective networks in a logic of mutual benefit between the brand and its followers.

The control of the activities and the quantitative measurements of the results obtained, and the possible negativities and the appropriate remedies are a further essential part of digital branding. It is necessary, in fact, to monitor the online reputation, understand consumers’ perceptions of a product, topic or person, assess the return of each initiative undertaken and identify the relevant and priority channels for disseminating and improving brand content.

Iconic Media & Communication technologies, skills and services are the best combination for the creation, support and maintenance of the brand identity and its messaging at the highest and most effective level of communication with the target audience.