Retex core service is retail innovation. In order to design and apply it effectively at every touch point with the consumer, the essential value is given by the ability to integrate different software and devices in a single path aimed at capturing, satisfying and anticipating demand in all its forms. Iconic Customers Module is precisely this value.

In the supermarket, in the store or in the restaurant, the best customer experience requires as a premise the knowledge of the highly differentiated wishes and preferences of the customers and of the technological means useful to ensure their governance in a harmonious whole.

It will be increasingly important to allow customers to interact with the store or restaurant through personal devices, such as connecting their mobile device or smartwatch with an interactive kiosk to watch a product presentation, get coupons or read reviews.

Of the wide range of the proprietary applications of Retex, Iconic Customers Module is the part aimed at integrating the different channels and technologies, essential for the creation of customized, fast purchasing processes, fulfilling in every aspect and at any time.

Iconic Customers Module does therefore create and makes ordering easier and ensures alignment and consistency of workflows

and technological components in use, from the checkout point to all the most important phases of the customer relationship. These include the use of POS and interactive kiosks, mobile ordering and payment systems, interconnection with internal or external back office and delivery systems.

Speedy self and mobile ordering

In the restaurant, digital innovation stands out in the simplification of the service and consumer satisfaction. The possibility of consulting the menu and place the order directly from the table via the smartphone or tablet, results in the reduction of errors in workflows in the kitchen and in the dining room, a decrease in waiting times, increase in sales and improved effectiveness of promotions. Ease of use, precision and speed radically change the consumer experience, and Iconic Customers Module is just the means for obtaining them.

Interactive kiosks

They are an indispensable element of the new in-store experience. Conceived as simple tools for eliminating queues, today they enable customers to have the highest degree of control over orders and payments and provide personalized services.

Advanced payment systems

With pay-at-table, online pre-ordering, in-store purchase via apps, the global acceptance of new forms of purchase and payment is not in question. The possibility of paying and obtain receipt directly at the table, thanks to the integration with the self-checkout systems, is just one example. Toleration for waiting time, traditional enemy of sales and consumption at the table, touches ever-lower thresholds, and the integration of the most advanced payment systems in the store or restaurant is not an option but a necessity.


On-site management of orders and payments from home service portals, via smartphone or web, is central to consumer expectations. With Iconic Customers Module it is possible to have them in a single solution using the most popular food delivery platforms.